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3 reviews for SMASH OPS Roller Bag (USA Blue)

  1. Javier

    Love this roller bag. It’s huge but not too bulky I have so much stuff in it and still have so much room left for more. Definitely recommend it.

  2. tommygee33

    What material is this made of? In the photo, parts of the front are shinny (like plastic) and others look like denim or similar texture material – nothing shown in the description. What do the fence hooks look like – plastic / metal? And, has anyone used the Embroidery Option – how does that look? Sorry for so many questions, but looking at a couple different bags and need to decide soon. Thanks, Tom

    • Joe Ogg

      What material is this made of?
      It is a blend of a few different materials, mainly plastic type fibers, and polyester, very similar to materials of other bags on the market. Not denim, or cheap materials that will rip/tear.

      What do the fence hooks look like – The fence hooks are small metal hooks, this bag can hang on a fence, if needed, but because it stands up on its own, most people, dont use them. But they can use the hooks to secure the bag to the fence, if needed.

      And, has anyone used the Embroidery Option – Yes, the embroidery option is very popular. There is an example picture on the website when you click embroidery option.

  3. rmeraz51 (verified owner)

    Love it nice bag enough space for everything

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