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6 reviews for SIS Insiders Club Pass

  1. rich_snowden

    Products are usually good quality shirts, hats and other softball related gear. However the December shipment was 2 boxes of useless softballs and nothing else. These were the same balls they we’re trying to sell off during their black Friday sales. They have no association stamp and deform with one round of both. It was like receiving a jelly of the month membership instead of your normal Christmas bonus.

    • Smash It Sports (SIS)

      We am sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with the December Insider’s box. Just in case you missed it, you also should have received a $25 gift card in your email.

      We purchased several thousand of these balls from Worth, and they are now completely sold out in less than 4 weeks. The balls were selling so well, we thought it would make a great product for the Insiders Club members to use as a practice ball since most of the country is currently in off season. The Insiders Club has been a great success, and we don’t think it would have grown as much as it has in the last year, if all we were doing was dumping low end items to our members. But, we are always looking for ways to improve the club and welcome any constructive feedback that we can use to make future boxes better. What would you like to see more of in the coming months? What would you like to see less of? As a loyal SIS member, we welcome your comments.

  2. Randy Fife (verified owner)

    Always quick to ship .. Great customer service .. Best reps .. Great company .. I really look forward to the monthly box .. Like Christmas every month

  3. Tmr8122 (verified owner)

    Getting a package every month is the closest thing to being a kid again at Christmas time. Keep up the great work guys/gals!

  4. robo_rlm (verified owner)

    Love it!! I’m Always looking forward to see what new and exciting stuff I’ll will receive each and every month!!

  5. kpstu13 (verified owner)

    I enjoy seeing new stuff every month…

  6. dougyrhino50 (verified owner)

    I love all the stuff I got and I cant wait to see what else I get in my next box and I love the new bat i got also. And I have recommended other softball player to come by stuff from you guys. And I hope one day I can be a ambassador for your guys company I filled out the app for it also

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• Sales of SIS Insiders Club passes are not returnable.
• Products shipped in the monthly box are not returnable.
• We will accept exchanges based on sizing but product shipped may vary due to stock. Buyer pays return shipping both ways. If your sizing is off, please contact customer service immediately so we can update your profile.
• Must sign up by last calendar day of the month to receive the following month’s box shipment. Users signing up on the 1st or 2nd of the month will get a box shipped on the next 1st of the month.
• Golden Ticket Items will be on the winner to submit review on SIS Facebook page or contact via email to redeem offer.
• Golden Ticket Winners have 1 week (7 Calendar Days) to email or reach out on Facebook to claim prize. If the prize is any apparel, hats, shoes, or other items with multiple options, the winner must specify which item they would like to receive or else we will send out an item at our discretion. Item selected must be an in stock item at the time the person contacts us to claim prize.
• If size is not specified in your user profile, you have 10 days to reply from date of Golden Ticket Announcement with desired size or prize is forfeited.
• If sizing is not specified for a boxed item, box will ship without item and be included in the following month’s box.
• Once a member, update your profile including shipping details and sizing at the preferences page (link). This link is emailed to you immediately following purchase.
• VIP Trip Grand prize item, winner must be at least 18 years old with valid drivers license. Airline tickets, if needed, will be purchased as round trip tickets out of an airport at our discretion and into an airport at our discretion.
• SIS Exclusive Bat Prize – Winners will not have final say in any design aspects, but will be included in the main design aspects. SIS reserves the right to not include the winners name on the bat for any reason we deem necessary.

• In Canada? Add $16 per month to cover shipping. $65.99 total per month USD.
• Does recurring billing work to Canada? If your card is usable for online purchases in the US, yes. If not use PayPal.
• I was a customer before recurring billing. Will I renew automatically? No, please renew manually when your subscription ends. Purchase the Insider’s Club Pass again close to your end date and you’ll be all set.
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• Shipping is free for Golden Ticket items. Yes, to Canada too!

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